Bootleg toys created for the duck of it
Bootleg toys created for the duck of it
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An art form born of nostalgia, these action figures are built using spare parts and silicone molds.

Bootlegs. Counterfeits. Knockoffs. For toy manufacturers, they are an absolute nightmare but can be pure joy for a jaded collector. It would appear that the affordability, availability, and aesthetics all complement each other to create the ideal toy.

Even though the toy industry attempts to repress bootlegs, they have become common among collectors. They have a quirky appeal that licensed toys cannot compare with, thanks to their colourful packaging, off-model character representation, and blatant lying on the packaging. 

Pato P, also known as gooey duck is a Manila-based artist, said he made those toys just for fun. Infused with enough irony and tongue-in-cheek humour, Pato P makes each piece of so-called “bootleg” toys by hand using different materials like resin casting, clay and digital sculpting, painting, and graphic design inspired by Filipino pop culture.

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